The chrome extension is a companion of recruiters that helps you source candidates on the fly.

To use the chrome extension, one would need to add the chrome extension to their Google chrome internet browser. To do so, go to the Google web store and search for the Webbtree chrome extension or click on the link that was shared with you along with the sign up link and click on ‘add to chrome’.

This will add the extension to the chrome and you will be able to view the symbol to the right of the search bar.

Now, that you have added the extension to chrome, you can start using it for sourcing. 

What is it used for? 

When you open a website that is compatible with the chrome extension and open a candidate profile, click on the 'grab' button on the strip that you can see on the right side of the screen. The extension will slide open with the candidate information scraped from the page. Once this is done you will have to choose a talent pipeline in which you want the candidate added and to set the status of the candidate. 

Then you can select to add the candidate. Doing so will add the candidate to the dashboard from where you can view the candidate and do the further actions from there.

If you wish to source a candidate that you came across on a website that is not compatible with the TRMS, you can do so by clicking on the add button and entering all the required details that you wish to enter. Choose a talent pipeline and a status for the candidate and choose to add the candidate.

You can now view all the added candidates on the dashboard.