Talent pipeline is a collection of candidates that helps you organise your sourcing efforts. Talent pipeline is building long-term professional relationships with passive talent for future opportunities. It helps you shift from reactive to proactive recruiting. That is, shifting your mindset from recruiting to fill an open position to thinking about who your company will want and should hire in the future. This means getting to know the talent landscape, the actual people, regardless of whether or not they are looking to make a career change immediately. Talent pipeline isn’t a short term strategy and takes time to develop and nurture, but in the long term the benefits worth the investment.

What the talent pipeline will help do is organize your sourcing efforts. While you add a candidate using the extension or through the dashboard, you will have an option of selecting a talent pipeline to which the candidate should be added. By selecting this talent pipeline, the candidate will be visible to you in that talent pipeline or the list of candidates on the dashboard.

While selecting the talent pipeline, you will also have to select a status for the candidate. There are three possible options for a status, Hot, Warm and Cold. These gradations are to express the status of a candidate in terms of reach out. 

  1. A Hot candidate would be someone with whom you are in regular touch. 
  2. A Cold candidate would be someone with whom you have not communicated in a long time. 

The TRMS uses your logs related to communication, for example, the notes, call logs and emails to decay the status of a candidate and help you prioritize your work on different talent pipelines.

Use TRMS to maintain talent pipelines for different jobs.