The Chrome extension is a sourcing companion for recruiters that helps them add candidates, on the go, without having to close the webpage on which they have found a profile.

If you have signed into the TRMS, you will be able to see a strip on the right side of your screen that says ‘add’. 

If you wish to add a candidate, click on it. 

This will open up the extension from the right side. You can now manually enter the basic information of the profile in this and select the talent pipeline and status of the candidate. You will also require to enter the URL of the page from which you are sourcing the profile. This is to ensure that you don’t create duplicate profiles later on by adding the candidate from the same link. After you have added the basic details of the candidate, you can add the education and experience of the candidate. Once you are done, you can choose to add the candidate. 

You can also choose to enrich a candidate’s information like in case of extracting a candidate.

That is all about adding a candidate from non-compatible websites.