The Webbtree ATS allows you to send an email to the candidate, add a call log against the candidate so that anyone referring the candidate can have a context and add your conversation with the candidate over a call.
This helps you reach out to the candidate as well as keep a track of his applications and conversation with the candidate.

  1. These all action can be performed by selecting the the appropriate action by either clicking on the three vertical dots in front of a candidate in the talent section or in the applications against a job.

  2. While adding a call log you can select a call log outcome as set in the company metadata by the admin or staffing manager as well as the not or conversation that you had with the candidate. In case of note you have an option of writing whatever you feel is relevant as a note.

  3. Once you add a note or a call log, you can now view the note in the activity tab of the candidate or in the activity tab of all his applications as well as in the window to add a new one. 

Hope that helps!