Setting up the ATS

This is the central place to set up how your users use the platform. These are the sections and the order in which you should preferably fill the details:

  1. General Settings:
    1. Company details: This includes the name and industry sector of your company and also displays the date format that will be used across the platform
    2. Location: These are the different offices of your company. These will be used while specifying the location of a job.
    3. Department: These are the different departments that would be used while job creation and the description that you enter would be used on the careers site along with the job description.
  2. Company Metadata: This includes mainly the options that your users will have in drop-downs at various places based on your company data. Like:
    1. Source
    2. Call logs
    3. Rejection Reasons
    4. Offer decline reasons
  3. Teams and users: This section allows you to view the users that you have invited to the ATS as well as their current status in terms of on-boarding and allows you to resend the invitation or edit the user details or delete the users.
    To add a user to the platform, simply click on the 'Add new' option and enter the relevant details. The email ID that you enter here will receive the invite link to set the password for the account. This email ID would be used by the user to login.

  4. Email setting: The ATS sends emails to the various stakeholders in the process on relevant triggers. You can view the triggers, and choose to enable or disable the trigger as well as change the email content.

  5. Careers site: This option allows you to customize the careers site to your brand.

That should be enough to get you started with the ATS. You can explore the other settings options through the settings tab of the ATS.