Where can I view and edit the details of the candidate that I have created or add a document or CV?

  1. To view the candidate details page. Click on the candidate's name. This will open up the candidate details page. 
  2. You can view and edit the details mentioned on this page for each section by clicking on the edit option on the top right corner of each section.

    This will open a pop-up that will have all the details of the section for editing.
  3. Staffing managers and admins can edit details of all candidates, recruiters can edit a candidate only if he is tagged to a job to which the recruiter is tagged or if the candidate is created by the recruiter.

  4. Here you can edit all the details capture against a candidate other than the documents, such as his basic profile, education, experience, skills, languages and social profile links. You can view the previous edits in the activity tab of the candidate details.

  5. To add a document or view a document against a candidate, go to the documents tab next to the profile tab.
    Here you can add a new document. You can also view or delete an existing document by clicking on the eye icon or the bin icon respectively. 

You have just edited the details of a candidate.